Alumni and thesis

Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Stefania Del Zotto, Ph.D. The PLS regression model: algorithms and application to chemometric data Prof. Vito Roberto
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Giovanni Bacci, Ph.D. An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Semantics and Diagnosis of Functional Logic Programs Prof. Marco Comini
Dott. Alexandru Tomescu, Ph.D. Sets as Graphs
Dott. Felice Ferrara, Ph.D. A Social Semantic Recommender System
Dott. Francesco Vezzi, Ph.D. Next Generation Sequencing Revolution Challenges: Search, Assemble, and Validate Genomes Prof. Alberto Policriti
Dott. Giorgio Bacci, Ph.D. Generalized labelled Markov processes, coalgebraically Prof. Marino Miculan
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Luca Vassena, Ph.D. Context-aware retrieval for mobile devices: a tale of three systems Prof. Stefano Mizzaro
Dott. Asha Rani, Ph.D. New Aspects of Neural Tree Based Classifiers for Pattern Recognition
Dott. Dario Della Monica, Ph.D. Expressiveness, decidability, and undecidability of Interval Temporal Logic Prof. Angelo Montanari
Dott. Alberto Cabas Vidani, Ph.D. An architecture supporting the development of serious games for scenario-based training and its application to Advanced Life Support Prof. Luca Chittaro
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. S.R.C.Prasad Challapalli, PhD An Intelligent Service Oriented e-Knowledge Portal Architecture for Accessing Information in Cultural Heritage Digital Libraries Prof. Paolo Coppola
Dott. Pietro Sala, PhD . Prof. Angelo Montanari
Dott. Davide Grohmann, PhD . Prof. Marino Miculan
Dott. Paolo Casoto Sentiment Analysis for the Italian Language Prof. Carlo Tasso
Dott. Raffaele Cipriano, Ph.D. On the Hybridization of Constraint Programming and Local Search Techniques: Models and Software Tools Prof. Agostino Dovier
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Fabio Buttussi PhD Context-aware and User-adaptive Systems for Physical and Motor Task Training Prof. Luca Chittaro
Dott. Elisabetta De Maria PhD Computer Science Logic for Structure Prediction, String Comparison, and Biological Pathway Analysis Prof. Angelo Montanari
Dott. Cristian Del Fabbro, PhD Repeated sequences in bioinformatics: assembly, annotation and alignments Prof. Alberto Policriti
Dott. Nirmala Pudota, PhD New Techniques for Information Access, Classification and Management: Information Extraction, Keyphrase Extraction, Tagging, Ontology Mining and Adaptive Personalization Prof. Carlo Tasso
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Andrea Baruzzo PhD A Unified Framework for Automated UML Model Analysis
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Alberto Casagrande, PhD Hybrid Systems: A First-Order Approach to Verification and Approximation Techniques
Prof. Tiziano Villa
Dott. Alessandro Dal Pal├╣, PhD Constraint Programming Approaches to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem .
Dott. Forti Alberto, PhD DAG Scheduling for Grid Computing Systems Prof. Alessandro De Angelis
Dott. Gugliotta Alessio, PhD Knowledge Modelling for Service-oriented Applications in the e-Government Domain Prof. Vito Roberto
Dott. Ieronutti Lucio, PhD Integrating Virtual Humans and Evaluating the Navigational Behavior of Users in 3D Virtual Environments Prof. Luca Chittaro
Dott. Micheloni Christian, PhD A New Active Vision Paradigm: From the Camera Motion to the Video Quality Prof. Gian Luca Foresti
Dott. Puppis Gabriele, PhD Automata for Branching and Layered Temporal Structures Prof. Angelo Montanari
Dott. Snidaro Lauro, PhD . .
Name Thesis title (click to download) Supervisor(s)
Dott. Davide Bresolin PhD Proof Methods for Interval Temporal Logics Prof. Angelo Montanari
Dott. Stefano Burigat PhD Map-based Geographic Data on Mobile Devices: Visualization, Exploration and Query Issues Prof. Luca Chittaro
Dott. Marco Zantoni PhD Bioinformatics Support in a DNA Sequence Process Prof. Alberto Policriti
Dott. Luca Bortolussi PhD Constraint-based Approaches to Stochastic Dynamics of Biological Systems Prof. Agostino Dovier