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Survey papers of second-year students

As communicated at the meeting regarding the annual reports, second-year students have to write a survey paper on arguments related to their PhD thesis.

These have to be ready around 20th November 2009, and have to be sent to an internal commission to be evaluated. The commissions are the following:

  • Dott. Dario Della Monica: Prof. Angelo Montanari, Prof. Agostino Dovier, Prof. Roberto Ranon
  • Dott. Alberto Cabas Vidani: Prof. Luca Chittaro, Prof. Elio Toppano, Prof. Marco Comini
  • Dott. Luca Vassena: Prof. Stefano Mizzaro, Prof. Paolo Coppola, Prof. Fabio Alessi
  • Dott. Sugavanam Swaminathan: Prof. Alberto Policriti, Prof. Carla Piazza, Prof. Marino Miculan
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